LinkedIn Etiquette

Have you ever wondered about “LinkedIn Etiquette“? Consider these protocols:

Profile Picture:

LinkedIn profile pictures should look professional, include only yourself, and also match your current appearance instead of your younger self.

Status Updates:

Keep it fresh! Regularly share updates with relevant news and content, but do not overload your contacts. Like, share, join, or start groups, and comment meaningfully / professionally on other people’s content.

Personalize Connection Requests:

When requesting a connection, write something that connects you to them instead of using the standard “I’d like to add you to my network”.

Ask for an introduction:

It is perfectly acceptable to ask a contact you know well to make an introduction to another person that you would like to meet.

Request for Recommendations and Endorsements:

Recommendations and endorsements recognize skills, expertise, and achievements. You may want to “prime the pump” by suggesting a skill – like project management – that you would like emphasized. For Endorsements, allow contacts to decide what skills they will endorse. Do not forget to recommend / endorse others.

Customize Your Privacy Settings:

Change your privacy settings – turn off “sharing profile edits” – if you are looking for a new position and do not want to broadcast every update to all.