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What is HR Alliances Canada?

Alliances Canada is an initiative under the Ismaili Business and Professional Association (IBPA). IBPA was established to bring together entrepreneurs and professionals from the Ismaili Community. It promotes economic development by offering education to its members, networking & referral opportunities, mentoring and promotes the creation and utilization of common economic leverage points for mutual benefit.

Alliances were formed as a result of Mowlana Hazer Imam’s hidayat but remain arms-length institutions and part of National Economic Planning Board for Canada. They are set up to support the development of alliances in the Jamat across Canada with each region of Canada supported by its own Alliance Facilitator from the national team.

Canadian Ismaili Alliances was formed as an umbrella organization to provide leadership and guidance to its 40+ alliances each focused in specific area of specialization such as pharmacy, human resources, finance and accounting, educators, real estate, legal professionals, food service and many more.

What are the benefits of joining an Alliance?

An alliance is a dynamic launching point to encourage the exchange of ideas and broaden business prospects and practices. The purpose of an alliance is to achieve joint strategic goals and reduce risk while increasing rewards and leverage resources. As a collaborative entity, alliances offer some tangible, measurable benefits to their members, including but not limited to:

Professional Networking

Get in touch with professionals in your own field and other areas.

Professional Development

Participate in activities including conferences, seminars, webinars etc.

Mentor-Mentee Programs

Be a mentor and/or find a mentor in your profession and areas of interest.

Shared Purchasing

Save big by leveraging the power of shared purchasing.


Get the highest level of support to start, run and grow your business.

Job Support

Access jobs posted by other members, resume writing and career support.

Prince Amyn Aga Khan
Ismaili Economic Forum, Dubai 2008

“History shows many examples of how a Community, working together, its members backing each other up and operating as a Community, can develop and influence in excess of what would normally or otherwise have been possible. I believe that partnerships and Alliances can take place at all levels: between professionals engaged in similar or complimentary areas of work, or between businesses or even between institutions…”